ElectricFM Turns 16!

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ElectricFM Turns 16!

By Chris B.
February 4, 2024

Back on February 4th in 2008, ElectricFM was launched. Over a year of planning starting back in 2007 was put into launching "America's Real Dance". When ElectricFM first went on the air, our very first track was "Rise Up" by Yves LaRock.

How fitting were the lyrics on that first track:

Rise up. And don't falling down again. Rise up. Long time I broke the chains.

As an independently operated station, we aren't bound by the traditional rules that other stations follow. We do our own thing! From the music we play, to how we interact, ElectricFM is a non-traditional radio station.

From seeing other music stations close, or change directions, is what made the idea for ElectricFM come to life. We won't fall down!

We remember how the industry players weren't happy with our success. In fact, some thought we were fabricating our audience measurements! It goes to show that independently run stations, who aren't insiders, can create something special that listeners can relate to. It's what we do best, and will continue doing well into the future.

So here's to another 16 years! Yes, we did take a break during that time period from 2017 to 2020, and we do regret that. But sometimes things happen, and you have to take a brief pause. But ElectricFM's been back since late 2020, and we're glad you're back with us, too! And a big welcome to our new listeners too, for finding America's Real Dance!

From everyone at ElectricFM, we thank you for supporting us over the years. Can you believe it's been 16 years since we debuted?! Time goes fast. Make the most of it.