About ElectricFM

ElectricFM.com is a online dance radio station broadcasting live from the New York City metropolitan area. ElectricFM launched on February 4th, 2008, but took a break from 2017 through September 2020.

ElectricFM is "America's Real Dance!" playing today's dance hits that are on the charts throughout the entire world. Here in the United States, this genre of music is typically not found on traditional terrestrial radio. While &EDM& music has gained in popularity domestically here in the USA, we showcase various styles of this genre not typically heard on the radio. Give us a listen, and you'll understand!

ElectricFM was created to be a station that is different. We are independently owned & operated, and are proud to be able to offer this format of music online. We are not cookie-cutter, like many traditional FM outlets are here in the United States.

After launching in 2008, ElectricFM quickly rose in the ranks to become Live365's top dance station. In late 2009, ElectricFM became Live365's #1 overall station, and at that point, ElectricFM branched out its service to Shoutcast to complement its presence on Live365. When Shoutcast still had publicly-available ranking charts available, ElectricFM was in the Top 100 overall stations on Shoutcast.

Fast forward to 2016, and the landscape of Internet radio continues to evolve as well as change. With increased royalty fees that unfairly target independent operations without traditional over the air signals, it is a tougher market to enter and remain a part of. But, we're up for the challenge!

ElectricFM continues to be an Internet Dance Radio station that is a tastemaker. We play songs that we believe are hits, or will be hits in the future as traditional radio plays "catch up" to new artists and songs.

Mobile listening, either at home or on the go, is more important than ever. Consumers continue to shift away from traditional desktop browsing, and rely on their smartphones and tablets for their primary point of access to the Internet. We have had mobile apps available since 2009, and continue to evolve and develop our mobile apps and website as times goes on. We have free mobile apps available for iOS and Android devices in their respective app stores. We want our listeners to be able to listen to ElectricFM no matter where they are, or where they go. With the advancing mobile technologies available, and with cars becoming connected, ElectricFM can be considered a contender against traditional radio outlets. It is a leveling of the playing field, so to speak, thanks in part to technological advancements.

ElectricFM also loves to hear from its listeners and fans. We always would love to hear feedback about the music we play, how we're doing, or anything that our listeners want to tell us.

ElectricFM is here to play dance music online, and we continue to demonstrate our passion for this format. The same passion that has existed since our launch in 2008 will continue as we complete our 2020 relaunch. We are happy, once again, to be America's Real Dance and are proud to be ElectricFM!