ElectricFM Apps for iPhone & Android


iPhone, iPad, iPod

ElectricFM's FREE app for iOS devices enables you to stream ElectricFM almost anywhere!



We've got you covered with our FREE Android app. Available on Google Play.


Song info on the go

Our app integrates with our website to provide you with now playing info, ElectricFM's Top 20 Chart, and the ability to interact with us straight from the app!


Facebook Photos

When you stream ElectricFM, the app shows you photos from the artist playing, taken from their Facebook fan page. Cool, huh?

Song info in the car

Our iOS app sends now playing data to your car stereo. Now stream and get real-time info on what's playing!

Listen In Your Car

Listen to ElectricFM in your car! It's easy. If you have a Bluetooth stereo in your car, simply pair your car to your smartphone and stream ElectricFM via our app. Listen to us anywhere you go!

Some car stereos have "line-in" jacks. Just use a cable to connect your smartphone's headphone jack to your car stereo's line-in jack. You're all set!

If you have a car stereo without Bluetooth, you can still listen. You can use a Bluetooth to FM transmitter to stream ElectricFM, or, if you have an older car with a cassette deck (yikes!), you can use a cassette adapter that plugs into the headphone jack on your smartphone.

Mobile Stream Info

ElectricFM's mobile stream is data-friendly. We currently stream at 64k for our mobile feed which keeps the stream light on data. With most mobile plans offering several gigabytes (GB) of data per month, it will not eat up your mobile data plan. As always, check with your carrier to monitor your data usage when on the go.

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