Zoltar: Subterranean

Zoltar: Subterranean - Sundays @ 2a ET

ZOLTAR - The Brother from Another Planet: From San Diego to Shanghai, the world-famous DJ known as Zoltar has been a major force on American and International radio as well as a consistent club DJ throughout the United States and Europe.

Prior to Zoltar's unmistakable voice finding worldwide recognition, he had already become a seasoned traveler seeing the world as part of the U.S. Military. A creative and profound communicator, Zoltar found a home at the legendary FM radio station, 91X in San Diego, California where he hosted a groundbreaking specialty show called ‘Shrapnel’, which fused Rap and Metal. His passion for emerging talent in many forms of music led to his hosting ‘Fast Forward’. His rise in American FM radio had Zoltar crossing the country to Washington DC, where he created a Techno/Industrial dance show called the ‘Mutant Dance Party’ for CBS' legendary WHFS. Still hosting the ‘Mutant Dance Party’ in Washington DC, Zoltar was brought to Chicago where he began a hardcore Industrial show called ‘The Industrial Zone’. During that period Zoltar also turned up the heat in Florida with the creation of a full on metal show called ‘The X Factor’.

Zoltar’s meteoric rise in terrestrial radio led to the next evolutionary step in his career: Satellite Radio. As Program Director of the global dance channel ‘The System’ which was heard in 134 countries via the Worldspace Satellite Radio Network and across North America on XM, Zoltar has been the voice and personality to bring the planet live reports on performances from the Winter Music Conference and Ultra Music festival in Miami, Amsterdam’s Dance Valley, Global Gathering Music Festivals, Lollapalooza, and The Virgin Mobile Festival. His creation of the weekly Trance/Progressive show called ‘Subterranean’ was added to the satellite radio roster and fast became an international hit with syndication to terrestrial radio around the world.

Zoltar is also the head of A&R for Hardwire Records and is also a producer and remixer. Currently his base of operations is Panama City Beach in sunny Florida where his world-famous show, ‘Subterranean’ is recorded. One of the most popular syndicated shows available on the airwaves and over the internet, Subterranean has over 491 shows.

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