Chris - ElectricFM Program Director

Chris - ElectricFM Program Director

Chris Basista is the program director and owner of ElectricFM, since 2008. Chris created ElectricFM in response to a popular Canadian music station changing its format and direction. Instead of being disappointed and frustrated about a lack of quality music content, Chris responded by creating

Chris sorts through countless records each week to determine which songs should be added to ElectricFM for the week. He is the "behind the scenes" guy that keeps ElectricFM on-air and keeps new dance hits flowing.

In addition to ElectricFM, Chris also has a role in various online marketing companies. His most recent venture is Freeze Defense, which is a new outerwear clothing brand for men. If you're in the need of a winter jacket, check it out!

Chris can also be heard on ElectricFM during special events. He hosts the annual ElectricFM Top 100 Countdown, and also hosts special events that the station conducts throughout the year.

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Support ElectricFM! With increased year-over-year costs, it's becoming increasingly challenging to keep ElectricFM on the air. Ad revenue is very limited, and does not cover all costs associated with running the station.

We are looking to raise $10,000 during 2017 to keep ElectricFM on the air. If you enjoy our station, please consider making a donation to us to keep our station going. We appreciate any amount that you may be able to give!


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