ElectricFM Music Submission

Artist Music Submissions

If you are an artist or record label, and would like your material considered for inclusion on ElectricFM, please read the below. We do receive a high volume of music submissions, and a response is not guaranteed, but we do encourage you to submit your work to us for consideration.

ElectricFM is "America's Real Dance!" and we play today's dance music. Music submitted must contain vocals. We typically do not air music that has no vocals. We also do not play a significant amount of pop remixes. We recommend that you listen to ElectricFM to get a feel for our format and genre, as we do not play music that falls outside of our "sound".

Once you listened to ElectricFM to get an idea of our genre and format, and you believe your music would fit our station, please submit your information to us. We prefer links sent to us where we can listen to your music online, such as Soundcloud, Mixcloud, etc. We do not like to receive unsolicited MP3 files as they can clog up our mailbox. Also, be sure to include information about the artist, such as a biography, photos, or even a press kit, if a press kit is available.

To submit your music for consideration on ElectricFM, click here to access our contact form. Just select "Music Submission" as your subject, and provide as much information to us as you can.

We look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for your interest in ElectricFM.

Mixshow DJ Submissions

At this time, ElectricFM is not accepting mixshows for addition to ElectricFM. If we change our policy in the future, this page will be updated with the necessary information for you to submit your DJ mix to our station.

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Support ElectricFM! With increased year-over-year costs, it's becoming increasingly challenging to keep ElectricFM on the air. Ad revenue is very limited, and does not cover all costs associated with running the station.

We are looking to raise $10,000 during 2017 to keep ElectricFM on the air. If you enjoy our station, please consider making a donation to us to keep our station going. We appreciate any amount that you may be able to give!


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