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Internet Radio is the next-generation of radio listening. ElectricFM is one of the leading online dance radio stations in the United States. See why you should advertise with us to get your brand's message delivered!

Message Reach
ElectricFM's "signal" is not limited to a specific geographic area as with traditional FM radio. ElectricFM can be accessed anywhere where there is an Internet connection available. From computers to smartphones, ElectricFM's listeners are ready to hear your message.

Built Around Your Brand
We can build a campaign that is tailored specific to your brand and your objectives. We have the ability to produce your advertisements and tailor your advertising package to meet your needs.

In-Stream Audio Ads
ElectricFM can schedule your ads to play at various times per day. Unlike banner ads, our listeners will hear your message several times per day. Combined with a strong ad creative, you will brand your message to our listeners.

A Variety of Advertising Options
ElectricFM offers more than just in-stream audio ads. We can create a package that includes website banner ads, website takeovers, promotion, and so much more. We recommend that you contact us and tell us about your business and its objectives. We have a wide variety of advertising options available.

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Contact us to learn more about how ElectricFM's advertising options can help your business. Simply submit the inquiry form below, and we will be in touch with you soon.

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Support ElectricFM! With increased year-over-year costs, it's becoming increasingly challenging to keep ElectricFM on the air. Ad revenue is very limited, and does not cover all costs associated with running the station.

We are looking to raise $10,000 during 2017 to keep ElectricFM on the air. If you enjoy our station, please consider making a donation to us to keep our station going. We appreciate any amount that you may be able to give!


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